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About Orka Bean Bags

Orka Bean Bags® , a brand of Setner was incepted in Jan 2008 with just one vision - " A Bean Bag in Every Indian House". Our entire team at Orka Bean Bags® is working very hard to make this a reality. Prior to Orka Bean Bags® touching Retail stores, Average Selling Price (ASP) of Bean Bags in India were between INR 1200 to 1500. Orka Bean Bags® were launched all across India with Magical Price Points of 599, a price that no had ever perceived. We take pride in being the Pionners of Low Cost Branded Bean Bags in India.                

Today Orka Bean Bags® stands tall as World's largest Selling Bean Bags with market reach of 2,00,000 homes every year. In an era where major manufacturing firms head towards China and Malaysia for low cost products, Orka Bean Bags® stood by its "100% Make in India" Tag. Over years we have integrated all our Verticals to ensure our products are affordable. Orka Bean Bags® have been instrumental it revolutionizing the way people perceive and buy bean bags. So what makes us so competitive ? (Our competitors have even bought our bean bags and ripped them apart to know the secret.)

Some Quick Facts about Us to know us Better :

  • We buy our Artificial leather in quantities 10 times more than all other Bean Bag vendors combined together. This ensures we can negotiate a great price from our Leather supplier.
  • We are the only Bean Bag Manufacturer in India with in house production of EPS Beads with an investment of $ 2 Million. We dont buy our Beans, but make them in house
  • We have our own fleet of trucks, so we save on shipping variables
  • Our production team works in 24 hour shifts, hence making more bags and lesser overheads per bag
  • We source our stores items like Threads, Zippers etc direct from factories and not from traders
  • Our dispatch team works round the clock to make sure our products are available on retail stores round the year
  • Most importantly we keep our margins as least as possible to make sure end price to customer is less
  • We are the only Bean Bag Manufacturer to have an in house Digital Printing Capability on all our products

Orka Bean Bags® comes with 1 year standard warranty (So you know that we are not selling junk products !!)


We Guarantee you the most Unique, Fresh, Versatile and Dynamic range of Products. We do not copy or get inspired by any other brand, we have inhouse designers to do the same. Orka Bean Bags® is the only vendor in this category with a national imprint.

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