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Ben 10 Micro Beads U Neck Travel Cushion

Product Code: Ben 10
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₹ 599.00

Micro Beads Filled Fun Series of Cushions and accessories from Orka. Stretachable Spandex fabric outside which is WOW to hold and feel. Comes filled with Micro Bead or Snow Beads. Micro Beads along with Spandex fabric gives an mesmerising Feeling and touch. To add an extra dimension, we have printed these cushions with classy and stylish vibrant designs. You can also personalize the same with your images. Its used extensively while air Travels during those long flights. Gives your Neck a perfect posture and destresses the muscles. Can be used in Cars while driving or in Bus & Train Rides. So travel in Style with this uber cool series of Travel Accessory from Orka. Hold it and feel the love!!! Try it to feel the love - !!  

Type Micro Bead U Neck Travel Accessory
Outer Fabric Polyester
Inner Filling Micro Beads
Usage Travel Accessory
Size STD
Color Ben 10

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