ORKA Frozen-Olaf Digital Printed with Laminated Wall Poster

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Mesmerizing dimension added to your living room with Uber Cool Posters from Orka. Orka & Disney Come together to bring a designer range of Wall Posters. From over 500 designs to choose from. Made From High Quality 300 GSM paper and Matt Lamination, these posters are easy to paste on the wall with two way gum tape. Choose from your favourite mighty superheroes and cutest characters and get them home on your favourite wall. Comes packed in branded Orka Disney Tubes that can be used to store posters or stickers. A perfect gifting option for your loved ones. Let the Magic Begin !!

TypeDigital Printed Wall Poster
Material300 GSM Paper
Size(A3), Height - 42 cm, Width - 30 cm
DesignDisney Series (Frozen)
PackagingRolled ORKA Tube Package

Care Instructions:

* Should Not Be Applied On Freshly Painted Walls. At Least 15 Days After Painting.

* Should Not Applied On Humid / Wet Surfaces.

* Not To Be Applied On Textured Surfaces.

* Not To Be Applied With Paint /Dust Coming Off Surfaces.

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