Micro Bead Cushion

Squeezy Hush - Squeeze Some Love, Hush Hush!!! Presenting the uber cool series of Micro Beads Filled Digial Printed Soft Cushions. Made completely in house. Mr. Modi is going to love us for this........First Company in India to manufacture this product completely in house. From printing to manufacturing in house micro beads to Stitching and packaging, we have taken 3 years to launch this prodcut. It will take you less than 3 minutes to buy one and 3 days to get one in your hand ( Depending on your location). Comes filled with Micro beads or snow balls whicy are tiny than salt pallets. Stuffed inside stretchalbe Spandex Fabric which is too soft to hold and touch. Can be used for resting your neck in Car or Airplanes, provides lumber support, arm support or just try throwing it on your loved ones and engage in a pillow fight. A great product that we are proud to manufacture in house......

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