Candy Beans 2 Kg

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Your Favourite Orka Bean Bag gone Flat or gone down? Its time for a Candy Bean Refill. With usage, Beans inside the Bean Bag Furniture gets compressed and becomes Flat. You can get the Bean Bag furniture back in shape by adding some Beans in it. You need not empty the old beans from the Bean Bag, just add new Beans into it. Candy Beans is Worlds largest selling Branded Refill Packet. These Beans are manufactured by us in house exclusively for Bean Bags. Candy Beans have high density and bouncing attributes for perfect feel. Grab one Today. If you are not sure of how many Refill Packets you need to buy, feel free to call us or send us a mail at

Type Candy Beans
Outer Pack HDPE 
Inner Filling High Density EPS Beads
Usage Bean Bag Fillers
Weight 2 Kg Approx
Color White

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